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Beyond the GAAP Newsletter

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Each month you will find our Beyond the GAAP newsletter on International Financial Reporting Standards.

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Quantified impacts of IFRS 9: initial findings

At the end of February 2018, all the major European banks published information on the impact of the implementation of the new standard IFRS 9.
IFRS 9 introduces numerous changes (classification, impairment, hedging, etc.). Their impacts at the transition date vary widely from one bank to another. They are negative in most cases, but for some banks are virtually nil or even positive. The indicators used are also variable: though the impact on the CET1 ratio is a firm common indicator, the level of further detail reported varies significantly from one institution to another.

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Tax Compliance - Overview 2018

Tax overview for 2018.

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VAT October 2016 - Director's fees

The VAT treatment of directors’ fees in Luxembourg.

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VAT March 2016 - Tax Reform

The Luxembourg government has announced some key measures related to its 2017 tax reform.

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Regulatory Compliance - Mars 2017

Professionals, it’s time to implement tax controls!

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